Our Next Generation Carry-on is designed exclusively for you. At Samsara, we thought of all the different avid travelers out there and decided to make one suitcase that could fit all of their needs. 

Which category do you fall in?

The Business Traveler

Our first love was the business traveler. This past year has slowed down travel, but we loved your creativity in finding ways to keep moving. Road trips and workations replaced working at the gate and rushing to make your next flight. Our Next Gen is what you want now and as the New Normal continues to evolve.

The New Nomad

Some people seek travel to escape, but the New Nomad is out there learning. You love immersing in new surroundings, cultures and languages. A reliable internet connection is important to help you find great restaurants, look up that word you forgot or say hi to your friends at home. 

The Influencer – Travel Blogger
You’ve made travel your business and that means you need a suitcase that does more than carry props, outfits and equipment. Some photos may be in big cities, but for your travels to far off places, our WiFi Hotspot feature will keep you connected so you can upload photos or post stories from anywhere. We also know you travel with valuable equipment. Our GPS tracker locks into the suitcase so you quickly track your suitcase’s location.

Introducing the Next Gen:

The Next Gen continues our signature design with some amazing upgrades. 

Samsara revamped what smart means in a carry-on. 

Breakthrough Innovation

-23” Carry-on
-Maximum Size Allowed on domestic Flights
-Rubber Bumpers
-Sturdy Polycarbonate Option

Samsara Yellow is Here! 

WiFi Hotspot Feature

- WiFi Hotspot (Optional)
- GPS Tracking
- Bluetooth 5.0
- Wireless Charging Dock
- USB-C Charging Port 

No one is more eager to get the Next Gen to you than Samsara! The Next Gen is available at a special presale price right now. Once we are able to set a launch date, prices will go up! Buy now and we will send updates to keep you in the loop.

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