Bridesmaid Bundle


Bridesmaid Bundle

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Something sleek, something chic, a travel set that’s unique. We’ve compiled a Bridesmaid Bundle your guests of honor will love. 

Gift your bridesmaids Samsara’s Transit Puffer Bag that has ample room for all their essentials for the bid day. Make sure they stay charged to capture all the special moments with a power bank that has both wireless and USB-C charging capabilities. Complete the look with sunnies that they will love for the big day and beyond. 


Samsara’s Tag Smart is equipped with technology that tracks your suitcase using a Bluetooth signal. The Find My app on your Apple iPhone maps your suitcase’s location with precision and ease for a more effortless travel experience. We’ve kept Samsara’s innovative luggage design so you can enjoy a portable workstation while waiting at the gate. Whether you’re traveling for work or play, Samsara’s Apple AirTag compatible Carry-on is a convenient travel companion for today’s forward-thinking nomad. 


8-pc set of Packing Bags, includes every bag you can think of - toiletries, shoes, garment and even an expandable bag you can use for the gym, laundry or to carry back souvenirs purchased during your travels. Coordinates perfectly with your Samsara Carry-on.


Setting up your Tag Smart suitcase is easy. Take a look at our short tutorial and see just how simple it is to track your suitcase.


The environment is important to us. To travel is to see nature’s beauty even in bustling cities. We are committed to doing our part in reducing our environmental impact now and in the future. 


Samsara wants to improve on how travel is experienced in more ways than one. We want our practices to reflect our commitment to preserving the environment without compromising on the quality of our products. 


We recognize that small changes can make a big impact.


  • We use recycled & recyclable, aviation-grade aluminum on all our premium suitcases. Our aluminum is durable and ready to endure. 


  • Our polycarbonate material is recyclable, so it never has to see a landfill. 


  • We introduced the Hydra Water Bottle to make it easy for our community to avoid single-use plastic while they travel. 


  • Our packing bags are great alternative to plastic bags. They keep everything protected and organized. They’re made to endure so you can reuse them for all your excursions.


  • Samara suitcases are made to endure so you won’t need to buy and replace year-to-year. Our materials were made to last. 


We also use our platform to shift the paradigm to celebrate local travel as much as international. You can enjoy European delights with a weekend road trip. While many are working remotely, we encourage workation travel. There’s no better time to combine your work with pleasure with a long-term travel option. Your bucket list is waiting!


We continue to do our part in limiting our effects on the environment so our Earth can be enjoyed for travelers now and for many generations to come. 


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