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- Includes Tag Smart device

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The Tag Smart suitcase lets you check-in with ease. Say goodbye to lost luggage with Tag Smart technology that lets your track your suitcase with the FindMy app on your iPhone. You can track your suitcase at all times to make sure it goes where you go. The ideal check-in size that is easy to maneuver through airports, taxis or even the trunk of your car. Samsara's iconic design makes your suitcase more functional than ever. Flat top surface lets you prop your laptop for work or play. Made of a combination of durable polycarbonate material and aviation-grade aluminum to endure the journey to the cabin.


Size (handle closed):

10.7 * 18.5 * 27.3 inch | 27.5 * 47 * 69 cm

Height (handle open):

42" | 105 cm

Capacity: 72 liter


Samsara’s Tag Smart is equipped with technology that tracks your suitcase using a Bluetooth signal. The Find My app on your Apple iPhone maps your suitcase’s location with precision and ease for a more effortless travel experience. We’ve kept Samsara’s innovative luggage design so you can enjoy a portable workstation while waiting at the gate. Whether you’re traveling for work or play, Samsara’s Apple AirTag compatible Carry-on is a convenient travel companion for today’s forward-thinking nomad. 


8-pc set of Packing Bags, includes every bag you can think of - toiletries, shoes, garment and even an expandable bag you can use for the gym, laundry or to carry back souvenirs purchased during your travels. Coordinates perfectly with your Samsara Carry-on.


Setting up your Tag Smart suitcase is easy. Take a look at our short tutorial and see just how simple it is to track your suitcase.


We recognize that small changes can make a big impact. We use recycled & recyclable, aviation-grade aluminum on all our premium suitcases. Our aluminum is durable and ready to endure. Our polycarbonate material is recyclable, so it never has to see a landfill. Our packing bags are great alternative to plastic bags.
Samara suitcases are made to endure so you won’t need to buy and replace year-to-year. Our materials were made to last.


free shipping & Warranty

We offer free shipping on all orders in the continental United States.

We are confident in the quality and durability of our products. Our warranty covers the following: The body of your Samsara Luggage is guaranteed for 5 years including corrosion to the case, with a 1-year warranty for the suitcase parts including the handle, wheels, and locks.


Tag Smart

Functional design combined with Apple AirTag technology to track your suitcase and keep you connected with it even when you’re apart. Tag Smart Device Included.

Aluminum Frame

Reinforced aluminum frame prevents tampering for an extra layer of security and adds to the durability of the suitcase for the ultimate resilience.

Telescopic Handles

Adjustable telescopic handles made of robust aluminum with textured grip for easy and comfortable maneuvering.


Spinner wheels rotate 360 for the smoothest ride that offers agile maneuvering and easy handling.

Combination Locks

TSA-approved combination locks keep your belongings secure while complying with airline regulations.

Optional Packing Bags

An 8-pc set of packing bags that suits all your needs for any journey. Everything you need is in this set! Tag Smart customers receive special pricing.

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