Corporate Bundle [100 kits]

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  • Corporate Bundle [100 kits] - Samsara Luggage
  • Corporate Bundle [100 kits] - Samsara Luggage
  • Corporate bundle: 'Essentials kit by Samsara' x 100 - Samsara Luggage
  • Corporate bundle: 'Essentials kit by Samsara' x 100 - Samsara Luggage
  • Corporate bundle: 'Essentials kit by Samsara' x 100 - Samsara Luggage
  • Corporate bundle: 'Essentials kit by Samsara' x 100 - Samsara Luggage
  • Corporate bundle: 'Essentials kit by Samsara' x 100 - Samsara Luggage

Corporate Bundle [100 kits]

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The 'Essentials by Samsara' is the employee benefit your team needs. The kit contains the necessary items to ease the minds of the people who are essential to you and your business. The PPE provides the minimum protection they need while commuting to and from work during this time.

The small business bundle contains 100 essentials kits (and free domestic shipping!)

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Each of the five travel-sized essentials is designed to help you while in transit. Perfect for all types of travel. The Essentials by Samsara ready-to-go safety kit can be included in carry-on luggage or carried with you during your commute. 

Each kit contains:

1 x Protective Reusable Mask N95*
1 x Sanitizing Gel** (100 ml)
4 x Disinfectant pads 
3 x Pairs of disposable Gloves*** (Color subject to change)
1 x Essentials Bag (23 x 13.2 cm)

Washing instructions: Hand wash in cold water every 2-3 days. No need to replace the filter, it is also reusable.

*N95 sponge mask, (except N95 respirator), for general public/healthcare personnel per IIE guidance, FDA Certificate of Conformity NO.: 10068428. The mask is 0.2 cm sponge, reusable, and washable. Filter made of polypropylene and silicone.

**The Sanitizing Gel is travel-sized and contains: water, alcohol (70%), carbomer, triethanolamine, paeonia, suffrusticosaroot extract

***Gloves are made of Nitrile/PVC. (synthetic rubber, latex-free)


Show your employees, clients and independent contractors your appreciation with the Essentials by Samsara safety kit. 

Each kit contains protective products that can give them some peace of mind while in transit during these challenging times.  Included in each safety kit is a reusable mask, 3 pairs of disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and more. 

Available in bundles for HR professionals and businesses looking to gift a token of their appreciation for their employees or for those looking to gift their loved ones.

It’s the employee benefit they’re looking for now.

Returns and cancellation: “Essentials by Samsara” kits can not be returned after shipping, as they include hygienic products. 

Social Responsibility: Read how Samsara Luggage is committed to using its resources to help supply healthcare workers on the frontlines with the Essentials Kit for their daily commute.


    Samsara warranty covers 5-years including corrosion to the case and 1-year warranty to parts, such as wheels and handles. 



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