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Samsara Luggage

Revolutionize the way you travel


The easily removable battery makes Samara’s unit the only smart suitcase that complies with airline regulations. The double locks on the suitcase comply as well.

All you need for your trip

The unit is built in with all your travel necessities: Laptop, mobile charging ports and organizational bags.

feather light weight

The lightest Aluminum

Made of a special aviation-grade aluminum compound, weighs 20% less than any other aluminum case in this category.

Smart IoT

The smart unit connects to a mobile app, offering real-time notifications when the suitcase is taken or opened out of your sight.

Samsara Travelers say

Tom R., USA

"I have to compliment the Samsara team on a job well done. First class product that I’m sure I will enjoy for a long time."

Lisa, Canada

"The suitcase has it all to make my next trip smooth and pleasurable."

Stephan D., Germany

"I am super happy with the suitcase! Thanks to Samsara".

PR spotlight

Forbes and Tech republic named Samsara the best luggage of 2019