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Tag Smart

Combined with Apple AirTag technology so you can find your luggage wherever you find yourself.

In the Press

  • “We’d like to think that if James Bond flew commercial, he’d probably use this sleek, chic, smart Samsara bag”.
  • “Samsara Luggage is filling in the gaps in the market with innovative travel technology.”
  • "Samsara Luggage's Tag Smart suitcase was awarded Special Mention on TIME'S Best Inventions 2022 list."
  • “Samsara’s innovations put the brand in a league of its own.”
  • “The curved design makes it stand out.”
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We want to change travel for the better.

We want to hero discovery and enable connections. We want to make the world seem smaller.

We want to make your possibilities endless. We want to experience continuous movement together. 

So dive into our sea of Samsara. The water’s perfect!

Find yourself without the stress of finding your luggage with Samsara’s Tag Smart Carry-on.

Track your suitcase with ease using the Find My app on your iPhone. Doubles as a portable desk so you can work or play on-the-go. 

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