Urban Sling Black

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Urban Sling Black

$55.00 USD
$55.00 USD
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The battery in the Un-carrier On bag is subject to FCC rules as well as consumer protection, contractual, and other provisions of federal or state laws. The bag cannot be sold or delivered until the FCC’s authorization process for the battery is complete. The bag will be available for sale within 30-60 days.


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The perfect bag for anyone needing easy access to their travel essentials. The Urban Sling has a built-in compartment for everything you’ll want handy as you journey to your next destination. Large front pocket can hold all your smaller essentials including keys, wallet, passport and so much more. The interior is an organized traveler’s haven. The interior pockets seem endless and can fit everything from small devices and even an 11” iPad or compact laptop. Extra miscellaneous items can fit in a 3rd compartment in the back. A perfect spot for the “just in case” items like umbrellas, back up chargers and more. The Urban Sling Bag can slide easily from your front to back depending on your preference. Coordinates seamlessly with your Tag Smart Carry-on!



4.3 * 9.5 * 13 inch | 11 * 24 * 33 cm

Weight: 0.45 pounds | 200g


We recognize that small changes can make a big impact. We use recycled & recyclable materials.
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