Postcard Verbiage

Paris, France   Bonjour from Paris! After a long stroll along the Promenade Plantée, I decided to stop for café, croissant and to write little bit about my time here in the most magnetic city...

4 underwater museums to visit this summer

Traveling can sometimes look like a copy – paste job of the last trip you took. Museums, tourist attractions, local restaurants, drinks at the hotel lobby can saturate your vacation itinerary. But a new-ish tourist...

Find Your Perfect Stargazing Road Trip

You may have seen the glass igloos in Finland that give you a window to the Northern Lights. Or perhaps the hotels with floor to ceiling windows with natural views of the Milky Way like in Iceland. But there are spots that are at driving distance that will let you gaze at the stars and perhaps catch a meteor shower or shooting star. Welcome to the world of astrotourism. Let’s find your next adventure …

Travel to the Metaverse

Nothing will ever replace the splendor of physically traveling to a new destination. But while you’re grounded, there’s a new digital world forming that might give you a virtual way to embark on a travel-like experience. Samsara just entered this space with its first NFT Brand Ambassador, Sam. 


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