Paris, France


Bonjour from Paris! After a long stroll along the Promenade Plantée, I decided to stop for café, croissant and to write little bit about my time here in the most magnetic city in this world. I understand now why so many friends suggested I visit Paris for my first summer trip outside of the Metaverse. 


Everyone said the Eiffel Tower is a popular destination. They called it “touristy,” which I understand as something not so great. Yet it was amazing! The sweeping view of Paris from high above can make you feel large in a bustling city where a lone NFT can feel so small. 


I also got a chance to explore the Palace of Versailles. The regal tapestries and artworks from what they called the “16th century” made me think I might want to redecorate. My favorite was the Hall of Mirrors. It felt endless and reminded me of home outside of Earth. 


Afterwards I just wanted to rest a little bit, so I took a leisurely ride along Paris’ famed River Seine. I was quite the celebrity on the boat ride. Everyone wanted a picture with the first Ape they’d ever seen outside of the metaverse! 


A new friend I met on the boat asked me to join her group for ballroom dancing along the waterfront at the Jardin Tino Rossi. The waltz was my favorite. I was a natural and can’t wait to teach my fellow Apes back home the new moves I learned. 


I’m off to the Catacombs of Paris followed by some fine French wine at the Canal St. Martin. 


As the saying goes, Wish You Were Here!





G’day from the land down under! 


I’m writing this postcard to you from the famed Outback, a vast area of unpopulated land with a reddish landscape that is truly out of this world! It’s very remote out here and far from the more settled inland areas that I’ve been exploring throughout my trip.


My trip began in Queensland where I got to go under the Coral Sea to see the Great Barrier Reef. Great it was! I got to see stingrays and beautiful coral reefs through a glass bottom boat that took us on a tour of the deep oceanic waters. When we got to a great area for site-seeing, we dove in for some scuba to see the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef up close. 


Next, I went to Kangaroo Island to brush elbows with the iconic animals that Australia is known for. All along the coastline you can see kangaroos hopping around. We even saw some koala bears. Beautiful beach, kangaroos, and koalas! What more could you ask for!


Finally, I went to Tasmania Island for an epic wine tasting tour. Nothing like a splendid scene with the finest wines on Earth! Later I went on a “ghost tour” through the ruins of Tasmania. Through a lantern-lit pathway we heard the dark, spooky history of Port Arthur. 


On that note, I’m going to get back on my tour of the Outback. 


Wish you were here, 




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