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Carry-on Black

Carry-on Yellow - Samsara Luggage
Tag Smart Classic Carry-On Yellow - Samsara Luggage
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Carry-on Yellow

Carry-on White - Samsara Luggage
Tag Smart Classic Carry-On White - Samsara Luggage

Carry-on White


Tag Smart Carry-on

Introduce luggage tracking to your next adventure. With Samsara’s Tag Smart Carry-on, you can track your suitcase using Apple’s Find My app. The functional design combined with Apple Air Tag technology lets you experience true freedom while you travel. 

Tag Smart Carry-On White

Luggage that speaks to you is Samsara’s Tag Smart Carry-on. Combined with Apple AirTag lets you find your suitcase no matter where you find yourself. Find your Samsara Today.