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Pre-Order Next Gen Suitcase - 23" with Hotspot

Pre-Order Next Gen Suitcase - 23
  • Connect securely with Wi-Fi Hotspot

  • Stay fully charged with a personal Wireless Charging Station

  • All technology meets airline regulations and aviation guidelines

  • New Global GPS navigation system to access the location of your suitcase

  • Equipped with latest Bluetooth 5.1 Technology

  • Easily removable smart unit 

  • More packing space with the expanded 23” maximum carry-on size




Get set for your next journey with Samsara’s newest generation of luggage with the smartest features. 

Tackle every roadblock imaginable with enhanced tech features and an upgraded design to make travel even more effortless. 

Samsara promises you’ll stay connected with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot that is secure and reliable. Staying connected also means staying charged with Samsara’s wireless charging dock station and powerful USB-C connector for your laptop. 

Luggage gets lost, but with Samsara’s new GPS navigation system, you’ll be able to trace your suitcase’s location no matter where it is. Samsara is ahead of the tech curve, using the latest Bluetooth (5.1) technology (to be included in the next cycle of cell phones) to track and find your suitcase while indoors. 

 Samsara keeps you secure from the start to finish of your journey, sending remote push notifications to your mobile device when your suitcase is opened while you’re away. We made room for souvenirs or an extra outfit, expanding our design to the maximum 23” carry-on size. All of our new technology complies with airline regulations and aviation guidelines, allowing for easy check-in!

Technical Specifications

Size: 23 inch

Weight: 4 kg or 8.8 lb

Material: PC - polycarbonate


*Lifetime warranty

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