Samsara Luggage started traveling the world at the beginning of 2019. Here are some of the users reviews:


"Great product, smooth wheels, slick design, I am very satisfied. Thank you!"

Giovanni P., Italy


"They have arrived and are great! Thanks so much!"

Casey Z., USA


"I have to compliment the Samsara team on a job well done. First class product that I’m sure I will enjoy for a long time."

Tom R., USA


"I am super happy with the suitcase! Thanks to Samsara"

Stephan D., Germany 


"I like the look of the aluminum exterior, and I like the simplicity of setup for the smart unit. I like all the compartment bags, always useful!"

Chris, UK


"JUST INCREDIBLE and BEAUTIFUL !!!! (a French customer who loves his suitcase)"

Emmanuel B., France


"Beautiful design! Thanks!"

Arthur S., Singapore


"Congratulations Samsara, thank you for our Bea...U...tiful carry-on suitcase."

Henry F., USA


"Suitcases are perfect. The explanations are accurate. The app works great."

Rami S., Tel Aviv


"The suitcase has it all to make my next trip smooth and pleasurable."

Lipa, Russia