Wondering where to go on your next romantic getaway or honeymoon?  Chances are that the same suggestions have been given to you more than once by friends and couples.  Without a doubt the trendiest of destinations can be beautiful, romantic and memorable.  But exploring uncharted terrain can reign supreme both in love and in travel.  As we celebrate new possibilities with a new year and the hopeful end of a long travel hiatus, now might be a great time to look into travel destinations that are heavenly, yet less popular than the more predictable hotspots.   


We asked a blend of couples for recommendations of the most romantic places in the world. 

Even if you’re not ready to travel just yet, taking advantage of the great flight and hotel deals now for a future trip is perfect especially now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Let your significant other know that you’re it for the long haul!


  1. Instead of Venice, visit ISCHIA, ITALY

Maybe it’s the volcanic mountains rising above the ocean floor or the mineral-rich waters and comforting hot springs that make Ischia, Italy a place to enrich your romance.  Like Capri and Procida, Ischia can only be reached by ferry or hydrofoil.  Surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Italian Island that dates back to the Ancient Greeks is the host of an array of backdrops that look mythological.  On land you’ll find parasol covered beaches overlooking pristine waters that are calm, inviting and healing.  Take a day trip to enjoy the views from Castello Aragonese over the town of Ischia Ponte.  You can visit the rustic chapels, shop the boutiques and see some historical architecture.  When you’re done taking in the sites on land, be sure to explore the underwater kingdom that houses a distinct breed of dolphins, colorful corals and stunning prairies of the sea. Known as the “land of wine,” Ischia has the best climate and fertile soil for the production of wine.  Try all of the island favorites, including the famed Casa D’Ambra.  Wine, a stunning view and you’re forever plus one will cherish every moment.  


  1. Instead of Cancun, visit ISLA MUJERES, MEXICO

Located only 13 miles off the coast of Cancun lies a tiny island that is a place of serenity where couples can escape and connect.  Isla Mujeres stretches 4 miles long and less than half a mile wide, ensuring that you will see it all and not feel overwhelmed with so much to do and not enough time. The island is home to the famed Playa Norte, a celebrated beach that is perfect with snow white sand, clear aquamarine waters bordered by vast palm trees.  Enjoy zip-lining, kayaking and snorkeling around a rainbow of exotic fish at the Garrafon National Reef Park.  Live music serenades while you dine on shareable Mexican cuisine at Tres Mentiras Bar.  Whether you’re looking for refreshing mojitos, or rich pina coladas, you’ll enjoy an array of cocktail options that taste completely different when made with ingredients native to the region. Take a dive with your partner to see the awesome MUSA Underwater Sculpture Museum.  The sculptures change with the growth of coral and presence of marine life.  Bring an underwater camera for the best selfie of you and your love.


  1. Instead of Santorini, visit MILOS ISLAND, GREECE

You’ll never see a starrier sky anywhere in the world like you will on the island of Milos.  Known as the island of colors, you’ll enjoy the vibrancy of every natural element on the island.  Sienna mountains lined with clean white sand and first water beaches that will instantly draw you and your love closer.  From uncrowded towns to family run hotels, it will seem like you discovered an island untouched by the city bustle.  Rent an ATV or motorcycle to explore the archaeological coastline.  Enjoy some alone time in a remote cave or while basking in the thermal springs.  No matter which restaurant you pick, delicious seafood and mezes (Greek appetizers) will open your eyes to flavors and freshness distinct to the Mediterranean.   With spotty WIFI, you and your plus one will be forced to focus on the moment together without reverting to pre-vacation habits.  


  1. Instead of Hawaii, visit COSTA RICA

Avoid nothing and explore everything is why Costa Rica made it on the list in its entirety.  Though visiting Costa Rica has become popular, you will still get the feeling like you are on a retreat in a remote part of the world. Tortuguero National Park spans over 77,000 acres and encompasses a jungle filled with canals leading to mysterious places in nature.  Watch turtles nesting on the vast beaches and exotic wildlife that can make you feel like you’re in a storybook.  If you’re looking for something more off the beaten path, try Corcovado National Park.  Smaller in size, but still rich in everything that makes Costa Rica a beautiful place to visit.  Take a hike, plan a camping excursion and definitely don’t forget to swim through a waterfall with you and your partner.  It’s as romantic a setting as you can get.   


  1. Instead of Maldives, visit SEYCHELLES


A playground for lovebirds is the best way to describe Seychelles.  Located off East Africa on the Indian Ocean, Seychelle offers the splendid solitude that makes it ideal for a romantic getaway.  Palm trees sway over charming beaches.  Find a secret cove with your loved one and enjoy some alone time while overlooking the surreal beauty the island has to offer.  Here too you can find a romantic waterfall and stunning views. Enjoy scuba diving, kayaking and snorkeling if you’re the adventurous type.  If you’re looking to just decompress, head to Praslin, a more scarcely populated part of Seychelles that have some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.  Can also be a great place for a day trip if you’re looking for a variety.


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