Airports are generally safe places. That doesn’t mean the criminal mind hasn’t found clever ways to cash in on travelers preoccupied with texts and emails or racing to the gate before the doors close.  The Samsara carry-on has the right technology and features that keep consumers secure in the online and offline world.   

Here are 5 ways Samsara keeps you secure at every step of your trip:  

Personal charging station

An increasing number of travelers have reported getting hacked after using one of the airport’s public charging stations. Hackers can install malware, ransomware and gain access to your personal information, including credit cards, travel reward numbers, and customer data.  The ramifications of getting hacked can last for many months or even years.    

Samsara offers travelers a safe way to charge and stay connected with its smart unit that is strong enough to charge and recharge your cell and laptop.  Having your own personal charging station reduces the chances of hackers getting access to your electronic devices while keeping your belongings secure as the top of the suitcase is designed as a personal workspace allowing you to place your laptop and phone on it securely and steadily. 

Personal charging station

Real-time alerts 

Samsara’s smart app and features keep an eye on your important documents and priceless possessions while you’re reading your favorite magazine at duty-free or away from your hotel room. 

Samsara’s smart unit has sensors that connect to a user-friendly mobile app which sends instant notifications when your luggage is opened out of sight or moving away from you.  The app keeps a log of each opening so that users stay informed of their Samsara's activity even when they're not around. Keeping your belongings secure and your mind free to enjoy the moment during your travels with a second set of eyes that never gets distracted.  

Secured Smart Unit 

The smart unit is strategically located inside the Samsara carry-on.  This keeps the unit secure and safe from tampering or theft. Following aviation and TSA guidelines, the smart unit can easily be removed from the inside of the suitcase only.  With your smart unit secure and compliant with all airport regulations, you can be on your way without worry.  

Lightweight, aluminum and fireproof

 The Samsara carry-on is made with quality materials that come together perfectly with  Samsara’s skillfully engineered carry-on. The suitcase has unmatched durability as seen with the sturdy hard casing made of a special compound of ultralight aviation-grade aluminum.  

Weighing in at 20% less than other aluminum suitcases in its category, the Samsara carry-on can be stored overhead with maximum ease.  Fireproof material ensures your valuables are protected during your travels and leave your mind free to focus on your trip.

Double, TSA approved, combination locks 

Once it’s time to take off, most travelers doze off, watch films or zone out in a good book.  Just because it’s next to you or in the overhead bin doesn’t mean it’s not vulnerable to theft.    

Samsara’s carry-on comes with a double locking system that makes it virtually impossible to break open without your personal code.  Keep the thieves out while complying with aviation regulations with Samsara’s double combination locks that are TSA approved.  

It’s the peace of mind you need while traveling that’s a WIN, WIN, WIN!

Using innovative technology, the Samsara carry-on stays ahead of the criminal mind online and offline so you can stay secure and enjoy your travels!    

Want to find out more on why Samsara keeps your safe on your travels?  Read 8 Reasons Samsara is the only Smart Suitcase Selection for the Savvy Traveler.

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