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Introducing Samsara’s new Nano Bag! The Nano Bag is another smart product by Samsara that offers a new type of protection for this new era of safe travel. Treated with nanotechnology, this weekender bag prevents bacteria from growing on the fabric. It repels water, dirt, and germs so you’re only left with good memories after your next jet-set island escape. Whether in-flight or on a road trip, the Nano Bag can help keep you safe as you alternate from taxis, hotels, and subway rides. The Nano Bag has an easily accessible shoe compartment to keep your footwear separate from packed items. Can be used as a carry-on, gym bag, or weekender.  

The Nano Bag is available in black or gray.  

The Nano Bag coordinates perfectly with Samsara’s, shop the complete set and save


    • Coated with nanotechnology that repels bacteria
    • Bacteria and droplet resilient to keep you safe on the go
    • Waterproof zippers to keep your belongings safe 
    • Shoe compartment to separate from your clothes
    • Front external slip pocket for easy access items
    • Interior zip pocket for your valuables 
    • Detachable, adjustable, padded messenger strap for your convenience
    • Luggage handles for a comfortable commute
    • Easily collapsible for easy storage

    Included with Purchase

    • Dust Cover/Laundry Bag 
    • Essentials by Samsara Kit ($19.50 value)

    Size & Specs

    • Dimensions: 48 x 26 x 26 cm / 18.89 x 10.23 x 10.23 inch
    • Volume: 35L
    • 100% nano-coated polyester fabric  
    • 5 years warranty on wear and tear 
    • Nano coating lasts 8-12 months with reasonable usage

    *Cold wash only. Do not machine wash. 

    Q: What is included in my Samsara case?

    A: Here are all the items you will receive In your Samsara case:

    • Your smart Samsara suitcase
    • A set of bags that will help you keep your case organized, including a gym bag, shoe bag, garment bag, toiletries bag
    • The smart unit (that contains your battery)

    What are the Samsara carry-on dimensions and do they fit airline regulations?

    The smart Samsara case is a TSA compliant 21" carry on.

    • Samsara dimensions are 9X13X22" / 23X33X55 cm (DXWXH)
    • With the handle open the height is 42" or 105 cm
    • Weight is a little over 9 pounds/4 kg (relatively lighter than any other aluminum suitcase this size)
    • Smart Unit Weight is 0.8 pound/ 400 gr

    How to set the Samsara combination code?

    To set the locks to your preferred code, please do the following:

    1. Step 1: move the lock position to "SET"
    2. Step 2: set the 3-digit personal code by using the 3 rollers
    3. Step 3: move the lock position back to "OFF"

    Is the battery removable and does it comply with airline regulations?

    Yes, the battery is removable. In some cases, the airline might ask you to check in your luggage. When a carry-on bag is checked at the gate or at planeside, all lithium batteries must be removed from the bag and kept with the passenger in the aircraft cabin. This is why we designed the suitcase to allow for easy removal of the battery.

    The Smart Unit

    How to assemble the smart unit?

    Insert smart unit to port until the stopper is in place.

    How to assemble the smart unit

    What are the smart unit modes and features?

    smart unit modes and features

    How to charge the smart unit and other devices?

    Charging smart unit: Connect the unit via USB-C to power bank or electricity. Press ON/OFF button to charge. 

    Charging mobile device: Connect USB from smart unit to mobile device. 

    Charging Laptop: Connect USB-C from smart unit to a computer.

    How to use On/Off button and internal LED light features?

    ON / OFF Button: 

    Press and hold for 3 seconds: device on / off. 

    2 short presses: open light / close light, regardless of the environment. 

    LED Light: 

    • The Panel can be moved from lighting different parts of the suitcase.
    • Sensors should not be covered for dark environment conditions detection. 
    • 2 short presses will open/close light regardless of the environment.


    How does the Automatic LED Light Feature work?

    There are magnetic sensors in the suitcase that distinguish whether the suitcase is open or closed. The light sensors are activated based on your surroundings. The light will work only when the LED panel is in the open position as shown above.

    You can move the panel to illuminate different parts of the suitcase.

    Note: as the Light sensors constantly draw battery power from the smart unit, it may not be charged to 100%.  

    How to use the Samsara App?

    Important Note: if you are using an Android-based smartphone, please make sure the device has Android version of 8.0 or higher.

    Using Samsara APP

    1. Download Samsara Luggage App from App Store or Google Play. 
    2. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile phone. 
    3. Pairing: the first time you use the Samsara smart unit with your mobile phone you need to pair the devices:
      • Open settings bar
      • Activate application
      • To activate the smart unit press the 'on' button on the device for 3 seconds. 
      • Find your Samsara device on 'Device List'
      • Press 'connect'.

      What are the Samsara App Features?

      Important Packing Tip!

      Troubleshooting issues:

      Charging specifications:

      The smart unit charging specifications are:

      Input voltage: 3.6~5.5v 2A (Max 5.5 voltage / 2 ampere).

      Charging the smart unit and mobile devices:

      • The USB-A port is used to charge the smartphone
      • The USB-C port is used to charge the laptop and the smart unit.
      • In order to charge the smart unit, you must connect a power source, AC outlet or the samsara battery to the USB-C port.

      Smart unit not responding:

      Q: The battery was charged to 94%. Then, the screen went blank and I can't turn it on anymore. What do I need to do?

       A: Reset the smart unit:

      There are a few things you can do if the smart unit loses its connection to the app:

      • Turn off your Bluetooth connection on your smartphone for 10 seconds. Then, turn it back on again and go to Samsara app to check if the connection was restored.
      • Press and hold the Power button on the smart unit for 5 seconds, then go to the app and see if the connection is restored.  
      • If you’re still having trouble please email support at

      Q: I am unable to pair the smart unit with the app, the unit is requesting a 4-digit PIN code. 0000 and 1234 don't work. How do I connect to the unit?

      A: There is no need to input any codes, the app will show your device, and you simply need to press “connect”. 



      Tutorial Video:

      We highly recommend taking a look at the short tutorial video

      featuring everything you need in order to activate your samsara:

      • How to connect the smart unit and the app
      • Become familiar with the variety of smart features
      • How to change the lock combinations
      • Packing tips and more…



      Samsara warranty covers 5-years including corrosion to the case and 1-year warranty to parts, such as wheels and handles. 



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