You’ve been washing your hands, wearing your mask and maintaining your distance.  But as the high-travel holiday season approaches and gyms begin to reopen, it’s time to consider just how clean is your travel bag? 

A weekender duffle bag can go in more places than an overhead compartment.  They can pile into the trunk of a car, come with you on your daily commute, or rest on the floor as you do sets at the gym.  Your bag comes with you in high traffic areas but doesn’t get the constant attention your hands get.

Like your hands carry germs and bacteria, so does your handbag. With viruses like the coronavirus living on surfaces for up to 72 hours, our handbags can become sanctuaries for the stuff that makes us sick.  

Keeping yourself and everyone around you safe is vital as the flu season approaches with the winter months. 


Here are 5 tips and habits to keep you and your stuff healthy:


  1. Welcome bacteriostatic into your bag collection.  

Your bag rests on many of the surfaces that carry germs, bacteria and viruses.  Nanotechnology is a bacteriostatic treatment that prevents harmful bacteria, dirt and droplets from growing on the fabric.  Stop the spread by investing in a bag that is treated with nanotechnology for the gym, subway rides, public transit and any other high traffic touch points.


  1. Make sure your bag is water-resistant. 

Owning a bag that is waterproof or water-resistant isn’t just for people who participate in wet-weather activities.  Bacteria relies on water to reproduce and grow. Don’t be surprised by a spilled water bottle or an unexpected rainfall.  Prepare by using a waterproof bag for travel, work and the gym.


  1. Carry antibacterial wipes with you at all times.

Your bag has more than likely seen it all, including soft drinks, the other half of your bagel, old receipts and even used tissues.  Carrying antibacterial wipes is important for the resident objects in your bag.  Give your wallet, keys, phone and the interior of your bag a daily wipe down. 


  1. Keep stuff separate

Like you should cut meats on a separate cutting board than raw veggies, you should keep your toiletries separate from your clothes and your clean clothes separate from the dirty ones.  We know shoes touch a dirty surface, but seating areas can also be hotbeds for the bad stuff.  Bring a laundry bag with you as an easy solution to tuck away worn clothes while you travel.  Toiletries need to stay contained because they rest on surfaces that can be havens for bacteria and microbes.  Wiping down your toiletries when you return home is just as important to prevent germs from spreading from the outside world to your home.


  1. Empty bags immediately.  

While your bag may be antibacterial, your clothing, cell phone, shoes and the other things you pack do not.  This is why it’s important to unpack, wash and wipe as soon as you return home.  Wipe down your phone and other electronic devices with alcohol wipes and start a load of laundry.  If you’re returning from a trip, dirty clothes should be stored in a laundry bag so you can quickly place it in the wash upon your return.  



Good advice; looking forward to travelling over the Thanksgiving holiday with my Silver Samsara luggage and Nano Bag!
Take care!

Rick Lohmeyer on Feb 18, 2021

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