Over the last few months, the workforce went from morning commutes to the office to working remote.  Zoom meetings replaced board rooms and even CEOs and department heads normalized athleisure. Without in-person contact, professionals could shift their daily routines.  Yet just recently companies reported a decline in productivity, with assignments taking longer than usual. 

Turns out, those short breaks at the water cooler and walks to Starbucks for an afternoon coffee boost helped increase focus and productivity.  If the novelty of working from home has started to lose its appeal, maybe it’s time to change the backdrop. 

Working remotely does not mean working from home. The freedom to work by the sea, with a view of the vineyards or near the mountains is an option without having to use precious vacation days. A change in scenery can be the new coffee break.

Staycations beware, road trips are on the rise. Make your next road trip a work oasis.  Here are some tips on what to pack and how to stay focused and productive as you navigate new environments during your workweek. 

BYOW - Bring Your Own WiFi

Check that your Airbnb or hotel has a strong WiFi before booking. Being accessible during your workcation is a must. Whether you’re in a remote area or a bustling city, find out what’s nearby that can provide an alternate WiFi signal. Look into purchasing an on-the-go WiFi Hotspot that you can have available in case of emergencies. This can also help you work from just about anywhere. Be mindful of background noise that can interrupt phone calls and zoom meetings.

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Don’t Forget Time Zones

East coasters, if you want to head out west, remember the time difference and how that can either work to your advantage or give you unwanted jet lag.  If you’re not a morning person, it’s best to stay in your time zone to keep your sleep schedule in sync.  Changing time zones can also allow you to end your workday in the early afternoon.  If you’re on the West Coast and looking to sleep in and party all night, venture east.  If you’re looking for a short getaway, stay in your current time zone.  There are plenty of remote beaches and hidden gardens right in your backyard. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Start training yourself to work in intervals before you leave on your road trip. Your daily workflow can look like an interval workout that alternates between a cardio push and a rest period. Training yourself to work intermittently throughout the day can help you stay focused and productive.  This can help you get your day done earlier or let you schedule short site-seeing trips into your work hours as part of the break period.  

Be Well, Stay Safe

Precautions are an inevitable part of traveling.  Be sure to take the necessary safety measures to help keep you safe and protected.  Also, use this time to be well and promote your physical health.  Schedule time to take long walks, write in a journal or take an extended swim.  If you want to jump on a social call, take it while exploring.  Plan an early morning hike on a trail.  Remember, getting away is to help inspire your work hours AND give you a chance to take advantage of the current work-at-home climate.

Don’t be shy about letting your boss and colleagues know your plans. They are adapting to being at home and looking forward to the days of face-to-face contact once again. 

Woek remotely

Work From (Almost) Anywhere

When you’re tired of being glued to the couch or just tired of looking at the same 4 walls of your home office its time to take a break and enjoy some fresh air. Get rid of the bad feeling that comes with the obligation to stay productive and take your laptop with you. Find a park or a shaded seaside spot away from everyone else and get comfortable. If there are no picnic tables or coffee shops grab Samsara’s smart suitcase for a convenient on the go workstation solution and portable charger to juice up your phone and laptop.  

Looking to plan your next road trip?  Start by downloading some convenient road trip apps to help you create the best itinerary for you.

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