There’s a new layer of anxiety that is intensifying the stresses travelers already face when embarking on a trip.  Travel safety used to be about petty theft, but it has now taken on a new meaning with the current circumstances that are impacting how and if we travel.  It is clear that increasing efforts to stay safe is a must and can help ease the stress during these stressful times.  

For some, postponing is an option.  Those who cannot reschedule their travel plans are starting to reexamine what it means to be prepared and protected while traveling. Learning how to prepare yourself can save you from the consequences that can have long term ramifications. Consider putting in place some simple safeguards to secure yourself as best you can during this new era where travel safety is not an option.  

Be Smart: Choose your suitcase wisely.

Protecting yourself begins with the foundation – your suitcase.  Like a password keeps your accounts secure, a suitcase should be made to protect its contents.  By understanding how a well-crafted suitcase can be a preventative measure against theft and much more, you can make the right choice when selecting a suitcase.  

Samsara continues to prioritize safety with a smart suitcase designed to seal your possessions using fireproof and water-resistant aluminum that is easy to disinfect.  Samsara’s carry-on provides a solid barricade to secure your personal items and any business documents you might be traveling with.  

With dual combination locks, Samsara is designed to provide a state-of-the-art anti-theft security system while traveling.  Twin closures lock up more effectively than zippers. Our locks are compliant with all TSA guidelines.  

Be Informed: Know what’s going on at all times.

Knowing your surroundings is a key part of traveling safely. We are obviously able to track our own movements, but it’s important to know what your belongings have been exposed to and when. This information is vital when traveling especially.  

Samsara is equipped with a technology that provides an accurate history of your suitcase’s every movement with just a tap on your smartphone.  The suitcase’s smart unit connects to an app on your phone to give you a rundown of when the suitcase was opened even while you were away. 

Having a log that keeps you informed of your suitcase helps you know when to take immediate action if necessary.      

Be Prepared: Don’t forget about Cyber Security. 

Sometimes the greatest threat exists in the cyber world.  Fraud doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of your travels.  Being equipped with the right tech to help you avoid shared charging ports that can carry malware and ransomware is essential.  This is the case while at the airport and even in your own hotel room.  

Samsara’s smart unit doubles as an on-the-go charging station.  You can use it while at the airport for laptops and mobile devices and throughout your travels.  This can be especially useful when traveling for work and carrying sensitive company information that can be used for fraudulent activity.      

Stay Clear: Disinfect Surfaces

 Traveling for work is unavoidable for some.  Flight delays can keep you at the gate or a pressing matter can surface that forces you to open up the laptop to tackle an unexpected deadline. Having a workstation that you can keep clean and disinfected is important especially during your travels. 

Samsara’s carry-on is made of a waterproof material that can be washed and disinfected.  The ergonomic design allows the suitcase to double as an on-the-go desk, so you have an alternative that can help you limit your exposure to shared spaces.   

Implementing these travel safety precautions into your itineraries helps ease the stress and clear your head so you can focus on the other more pressing matters.  Practicing travel safety has always been a smart way to travel. With the added stakes, it’s important to prioritize safety to lessen travel anxiety and keep secure.  

Keep the forecast clear for your next trip by traveling smart, informed and prepared.

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