There’s no denying, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we think about travel. Trying to navigate a new reality means creating travel itineraries that include fewer high-traffic spots and understanding the new ways of keeping safe for lengthy vacations, weekend excursions or working remotely in a new far off location. One retro excursion getting a resurgence is the good old fashion road trip. Many have discovered that scenic drives to picturesque wineries, farm-to-table restaurants and local beach escapes offer an unpretentious luxury vacation.

Road trips literally put you in the driver’s seat. Piloting your next getaway means you get to bypass lengthy lines, luggage weight limits and most of all, a confined space. But a road trip does not take you off the grid completely. Hotels, rest stops and gas stations are necessary and require interaction with items that have been used or touched by many other travelers.

Staying safe and protected means packing essential items that can guard you from old threats and the new invisible ones.

An Essentials Kit

Set aside one bag with the new essentials that have been introduced into our reality with the coronavirus. This includes a facemask and hand sanitizer.

Go the extra mile by packing some disposable gloves you can slip on and toss when pumping gas or using a public restroom. Alcohol wipes can help you disinfect hotel rooms, the bottom of your shoes or your suitcase when departing. Consider having one kit in your car and one to take with you in your hotel.

Packing Bags

Keeping worn clothing separate from clean items is vital. A set of packing bags and a laundry bag can keep you organized and protected. Be sure to store shoes in sealed bags so the stuff we step on doesn’t cross contaminate our clothes and toiletries.

Powerful Battery Pack

Airplane mode is not welcomed on road trips. Our phones need to stay fully charged to help us stay connected in case of unforeseen emergencies or to make sure GPS can get us to our destination. Bring an extra battery pack that can charge your phone on-the-go. If you’re traveling with multiple passengers looking to photograph the terrain or zone out on Pandora, an extra battery pack can come in handy.

Some are choosing to mix business with pleasure now that most are working remote. An on-the-go workstation equipped with charging ports and a desk can come in handy.

A Multi-functional Suitcase

Keeping your possessions secure from theft is a common travel tip that is still necessary when on your road trip. Get a suitcase with an effective double combination lock instead of relying on padlocks that can be easily broken off.

Also, a suitcase that can withstand disinfectant is important. A recent study released by the American Society for Microbiology reported “the importance of rigorous environment cleaning should be emphasized.” The report showed that coronavirus can linger in spaces even with non-symptomatic carriers. Your suitcase should be cleaned as often as your hands. Sanitizing your suitcase upon arrival when unpacking and departure when bringing your suitcase back into your car after an overnight stay.


A flashlight can come in handy in multiple scenarios. Traveling in the late-night hours can alleviate the traffic jams, but it can also mean that finding things like tucked away medicines or a packed-up sweater on a cool night.

Most important, bring a fun playlist and enjoy some time away!

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