For some the frigid temperatures mark a time to hibernate. For the more adventurous types, it’s a time to hit the slopes. Whether you’re an avid skier or just getting started, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of destinations that are unique and right in your backyard no matter where you live. A weekend ski trip can kick the winter blues and keep you active during the cold weather months. Gliding down a mountain surrounded by epic views is the perfect way to pass the time until spring. No bundle up and let’s pick a destination together.


Eaglecrest Ski Area Alaska

If you’re ready to fly, go big! Book a flight to Juneau, Alaska to enjoy a landscape you won’t be able to find on the mainland. This is a great option if you’re going with a group of avid skiers and novices. The resort spreads across well over 600 acres of mountainous terrain with varying slopes to accommodate all ski levels. Located in a remote area that can only be reached by ferry, airplane, or the Eaglecrest Snow Bus if you’re a local. This is a great option for anyone looking to get off the grid and bypass the crowds attracted to the ski resorts covered in luxury. Lessons are offered for first-timers or skiers looking to snowboard. All options are pretty much covered at Eaglecrest Ski Area. If you’re on the West Coast, this is a no-brainer. Close enough to make this a long weekend destination.


Taos Ski Valley New Mexico

Tao Ski Valley, located a couple of hours outside of Sante Fe, is the perfect destination if you’re looking for modern charm with an ancient vibe. This ski town has a multitude of activities that can accommodate those who want to do more than just snowboard and ski. Enjoy German fare with a European appeal at the Bavarian Restaurant located right on the resort. A warm hearty meal will hit the spot after a day in the cold. Looking to rest your legs for a day? Try a hot air balloon ride that will take you across Rio Grande for a one-of-a-kind view from high in the sky. Not into skiing or snowboarding? Try taking a tour on a snowmobile. A great alternative for the novice who’s looking to experience skiing without the lessons. If you’re looking to ski and snowboard, select from endless trails located on a vast terrain.


Stowe Vermont

Are you ready for exhilarating scenery located on New England’s highest mountain? You get a captivating view and so much more when you travel to Vermont’s Stowe Mountain Resort. Cascades of mountainous terrain covered in powered snow that will guide you through a trail of endless beauty. Look forward to this winter escape that bodes sunny skies, tree lined trails and a charming New England town nestled in the center of it all. The adventure begins on the lifts. There the standard amenities of resorts including dining, shopping, and live entertainment. But Stowe is designed for the outdoorsy type that enjoys back-to-back adventures in the outdoors. A must-see for anyone looking to get out and stay out.


The Big Sky Resort Montana

If you’re in Chicago, Detroit or anywhere in the Midwest, Big Sky Resort is a backyard gem that is a must-see. The scenic lift rides alone are worth the trip. When you’re done skiing the vast mountainous terrain, take a hike around the Enchanted Forrest, a glowing trail that’s lit with lights along the one-mile path. If you’re looking for some added adventure in the sky, try their renowned zip line that will glide you through a lengthy ride. Ready to hit the slopes? With 4,350 feet of vertical terrain, you will find the mountain that suits your abilities.


Palisades Tahoe Northern California

If the winter blues have consumed you, it’s time to take a faux-winter excursion to Palisades Tahoe in California’s majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. This destination gives you a marquee ski experience with premiere restaurants, advanced terrains, and pristine weather. Ample powder snow covers the sprawling slopes. Enjoy the sport without enduring the cold temperatures. If you’re into variety, be sure to take a trip to San Francisco, only a 30-minute ride away.

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