Welcome ‘Sam’ Samsara’s NFT Brand Ambassador and Metaverse Nomad


Nothing will ever replace the splendor of physically traveling to a new destination. But while you’re grounded, there’s a new digital world forming that might give you a virtual way to embark on a travel-like experience. Samsara just entered this space with its first NFT Brand Ambassador, Sam. 


Sam lives in the metaverse, a new virtual world where you’ll be able to shop, connect and engage using a combination of VR, AR and 3D technologies. As you can see, Sam is always ready for a cool ride outfitted with a motto jacket and sunnies that embody that same yearn for adventure that the Samsara brand represents. From her edgy style to her Samsara yellow hair, we think Sam’s got what it takes to represent the brand in this new digital space. 


Bringing Sam to Life 


The metaverse and NFTs are unchartered territories. Coming up with a concept and bringing it to life was a unique adventure. To take on the task we went to the innovators at Desperate Ape Wives. Their collection of NFTs encompass the current cultural zeitgeist, with apes that are tough, eclectic, and adorns the iconic deadpan expression the ape world is known to have. We loved their style and wanted them to take on the task of creating an ape that would encompass Samsara, a brand known for bridging travel together with technology. 


What does travel look like in the metaverse?


Nothing can replace the real world that we live in. But as technology and travel has always done, we can use this new virtual ecosystem to understand ourselves and each other better through new experiences. In the metaverse you’ll be able to explore an open world with vast terrain and in-game currency where you can buy things much like you would do in the real world. You’ll have a digital wardrobe that will help you socialize and navigate through the metaverse.


Beyond commerce, the metaverse is a 3D social network that feels more realistic than the internet. Digital experiences are being developed that could give you that same rush that you feel when traveling. You can attend events, talks and much more.


The metaverse is still under construction with a vast space that has yet to be developed. But as a smart travel brand, we are happy to enter this space starting with Sam. We want to be ready to meet you in the virtual world and help you navigate through it.  


E-mail our team at info@samsaralugge.com and let us know what you’d like to see in the metaverse! 


Then Intersection between Technology and Travel


Sam is going to be bouncing back and forth between the metaverse and our physical world. She loves Instagram and will be popping in our feed from time to time to show off the new travel gear and merch by Samsara. We’ve asked her to be a guest blogger here as well. 


Sam just wrapped a photoshoot where she showed us her modeling moves with our newest collection launching soon. She has that cool swagger that flowed so well with our upcoming collection of smart luggage and travel products. She insists we bring our products to the metaverse for her and her ape friends. 


Think she might have a point?


Sam does like online attention so don’t forget to say hello with a like on Facebook, heart on Instagram or share on Twitter. And of course, a high-five in the metaverse! 


She can’t wait to meet you in the metaverse!


Meeting Samsara in the Metaverse


Samsara is planning more activity in the metaverse that includes limited edition drops and digital experiences. We hope to have more NFTs like Sam to engage with our customers. The more we get to know you, the more we can service you with tech-savvy products that will help you navigate our physical world. 


We are excited by the possibilities of this new space and are eager to welcome you. 



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